WARNING! This method of back up does not prevent the deletion of files when master resetting. If you perform a master reset on your device, the backup file will be erased!

Data Back Up

  1. From the home screen, press the "Menu" button
  2. Tap "System settings" and go to the "General" tab
  3. Tap "Backup & reset" under "Personal"
  4. Under "Backup & restore", mark the "Backup my data" and "Automatic Restore" check boxes
  5. Tap "Backup account" and set an account, if necessary
  6. Tap "LG Backup service" under "LG Backup"
  7. Assuming that this is the first time using this feature, you'll need to agree to the EULA, privacy policy and tap "Accept"
  8. From the "LG Backup" screen, select "Backup"
  9. Select the items that you wish to back up, such as "LG Home screen", "Personal data", "Media data", "LG apps", "Download apps" and "Settings"
  10. Tap "Next"
  11. Optionally, mark the check box and follow the steps for "Use the lock when creating backup file"
  12. Tap "Next" and review the "Attention" message
  13. Tap "Start" to commence the backup process
  14. The backed up items will be shown as "Completed". When the "Backup completed (100%)" screen appears, the backup is finished
  15. Tap "Done"

Restoring Data

  1. Press the "Menu" button while on a home screen
  2. Tap "System Settings"
  3. Go to the "General" tab
  4. Under "Personal", tap "Backup & reset"
  5. Tap "LG Backup service"
  6. Select "Restore" from the LG Backup screen
  7. Choose the files that you wish to restore, between "LG Home screen", "Personal data", "Media data", "LG apps", "Download apps" and / or "Settings"
  8. Tap "Next" and review the "Attention" screen
  9. Tap "Start" to begin the restoration process
  10. Restored items will be shown as "Completed"
  11. When the screen will display "Restore completed (100%)", the process is complete
  12. Tap "Done" and your device will reboot automatically

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