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    Using iTunes:

    iTunes is a feature-packed software that includes syncing options for your iOS device. This allows the user to easily sync contacts stored on an iPhone, with a Google account. Synced contacts include all the details, including email addresses and contact photo. For this method you need a computer with iTunes installed and an Internet connection

    1. On your PC, launch iTunes
    2. Use the iPhone's USB cable to connect the phone to your computer
    3. In iTunes, click your iPhone to open its summary page
    4. Click the "Info" tab and mark the check box associated with "Sync Contacts With"
    5. From the drop-down menu, select "Google Contacts"
    6. If you haven't added a Google account in iTunes before, enter your log in details. If you've registered an account, you can click "Configure" and select it
    7. Click "Apply" to allow iTunes to sync contacts with the account
    8. If necessary, on the G Pro Lite, register the same Google account by going to "Settings" > "Accounts"
    9. Allow the account to sync contacts with your smartphone

    Using iCloud:

    iCloud is a great back up service that gives the option to export contacts that have been backed up from your iPhone. If you've used the service before, then you can export your contacts by performing the following steps:

    1. Open the Internet browser on your computer and visit
    2. Log in with your iCloud account and click "Contacts"
    3. From the contact list, select the ones that you want to export
    4. Click the icon depicting a cog wheel and choose "Export vCard"
    5. A VCF file will now be downloaded on your computer
    6. Import the file to "Google Contacts", or as an alternative, connect your G Pro Lite to your computer via USB and copy the VCF file to the "sdcard" directory. Next, launch the contacts app and select to import the contacts from storage / SD cards. Follow any additional on-screen steps to import the vCard file's contents

    Using "My Contacts Backup":

    If you're looking for an application that would allow you to transfer contacts, then "My Contacts Backup" might be the answer. This iOS app allows the user to compile the contacts stored on the iPhone in a VCF file, which can then be sent to the Android device via email.

    1. Visit the App Store and install "My Contacts Backup" on your iPhone
    2. Open the application
    3. Tap "Backup" to create a VCF file containing your iPhone contacts
    4. Once the file is generated, tap "Email" to attach it to a new email
    5. Enter your Gmail address as the recipient, and send the email to yourself
    6. On the G Pro Lite, open the email and download the vCard file in order to import its contents through the contacts application and the "Import / Export" function

    Using the "Send Anywhere" Application:

    Send Anywhere is an app capable of transferring pictures, numerous file types and contacts from one phone to another, using a P2P connection.

    1. On the G Pro Lite, visit the Play Store and install "Send Anywhere"
    2. Download the same app on your iPhone via the App Store
    3. Open the application on both handsets
    4. On the iPhone, tap "Send" and select "Contacts"
    5. Choose the contacts that you want to share, and tap "Send"
    6. Next, select the desired method of transfer. Among the handful of options, you can tap "Generate QR Code" and then scan the code with the G Pro Lite, or you can tap "Receive" on the LG device and enter the generated code

    See More: Transfer iPhone Contacts to the LG G Pro Lite Using iTunes/iCloud/My Contacts Backup/Send Anywhere

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    Re: Transfer iPhone Contacts to the LG G Pro Lite Using iTunes/iCloud/My Contacts Backup/Send Anywhe

    you've posted a lot of great information
    NetPal is a small, family run business that delivers a range of phone network solutions to customers and businesses around the world.

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    Re: Transfer iPhone Contacts to the LG G Pro Lite Using iTunes/iCloud/My Contacts Backup/Send Anywhe

    Just connect two device to computer, select contacts as the transfer data type, then click on Start Transfer to send contacts from iPhone to LG, with two clicks via Eelphone Mobile Transfer.

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    Re: Transfer iPhone Contacts to the LG G Pro Lite Using iTunes/iCloud/My Contacts Backup/Send Anywhe

    Well,iCloud and iTunes can be used to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer and then transfer it to LG.But I think this way is wasting time.The easiest way is phone to phone data transfer program.In this way,you are able to transfer contacts from iPhone to LG directly.

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