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    Call Forwarding

    Forwarding Call Calls (Unconditional Forwarding):

    1. While viewing a home screen, press the "Menu" button
    2. Tap "System settings" > "Call"
    3. Scroll to and tap "Call forwarding" > "Always forward"
    4. Type in the phone number you want the calls to be forwarded to. NOTE: optionally, you can tap the "Contacts" icon and select a phone number from your phonebook
    5. Tap "Enable"

    Forwarding Some Calls (Conditional Forwarding):

    1. Press the "Menu" button while on a home screen
    2. Tap "System settings"
    3. Tap "Call" > "Call forwarding"
    4. Under "Forward if", select between "Busy", "Unanswered" or "Unreachable"
    5. If necessary, you can edit the phone number used for call forwarding, or you can tap "Contacts" and select a contact from your list
    6. Tap "Update"

    Cancelling Call Forwarding:

    1. From a home screen, press the "Menu" key
    2. Select "System settings"
    3. Tap "Call" under "Wireless & Networks"
    4. Tap "Call forwarding" > "Always forward"
    5. Select "Disable"

    Call Log Management

    Viewing the Call Log:

    1. Tap the "Phone" icon located on the home screen
    2. Tap the "Call logs" tab
    3. To view more details on a particular log entry, tap it

    Resetting the Call Log:

    1. Access the "Phone" application
    2. Go to the "Call logs" tab
    3. Press the "Menu" key
    4. Tap "Clear all" and tap "Yes" to confirm

    Enabling / Disabling Touch Tones When Dialing (DTMF):

    1. From any home screen, press the "Menu" key
    2. Tap "System settings"
    3. Under "Device", tap "Sound"
    4. Scroll to "Feedback & Vibrate" and mark or clear the check box associated with "Dial pad touch tones"

    See More: LG Optimus F6: Forward Calls, Manage the Call Log and Enable / Disable DTMF
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