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    I'm with Virgin mobile right now, and they recently released the new LG Volt. I'm thinking of switching to Boost Mobile because they have the Moto G, however this new phone might keep me with Virgin. The LG Volt has supposedly a better camera, bigger screen, a microSD slot, and it uses Sprint's 4G LTE Network, as opposed to the 3G Moto G. They have the same processor and internal storage. However, what's making me not pull the trigger on the LG Volt is the screen. While the Moto G has a pixel density of around 330, the LG volt has only 230 and I heard it is not that great of a screen (Less than 720p). What is the better option. Is a low-res low-dpi screen a big issue? What would you do? How important is the 4G for uses such as facebook, youtube, and other apps like that?

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    Re: Should I get the LG Volt or the Moto G?

    Honestly I wouldn't worry about the pexel density. The only way you're going to notice is if you have the phones right next to eachother. The 4g data depends on whether you are going to be on wifi or not most of the time. It can certainly help if you're not and you want to watching videos on youtube. Facebook, not so much, unless you're viewing videos and lots of pics. I would check that you have the 4g coverage in your area as well. Sprint's LTE is fairly new and isn't as wide spread as some other major networks.

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