Contact Management

Adding a New Contact:

  1. Tap "Contacts" while viewing the home screen
  2. Tap the "+" icon and select to save the contact on the "Phone", "SIM" or "Google" account
  3. Enter the contact's phone number in the appropriate field, and select the desired phone number type
  4. Type in the contact's name in the proper field
  5. Enter any additional details as you see fit
  6. When ready, tap "Save" to store the contact

Assigning a Contact to Speed Dial:

  1. Tap "Phone" while viewing the home screen
  2. Press "Menu" and tap "Speed dial"
  3. Select the dial pad number you wish to assign
  4. Select the contact you wish to associate with the dial pad number

Deleting Contacts:

  1. While on the home screen, tap "Contacts"
  2. From the contacts screen, tap and hold the entry you wish to remove
  3. Tap "Delete contact"
  4. Tap "Yes" to confirm

Contact Import / Export

Importing Contacts:

  1. From any home screen, tap "Contacts"
  2. Press "Menu" and select "Import / Export"
  3. Tap "Import from SIM", "Import from SD card" or "Import from internal storage"
  4. Choose the location where the contacts should be imported
  5. Follow any additional on-screen steps if necessary

Exporting Contacts:

  1. Launch the "Contacts" application and press "Menu"
  2. Tap "Import / Export"
  3. Select to "Export to SIM card", "Export to SD card" or "Export to Internal Storage"
  4. Choose the contacts you wish to export
  5. Follow any additional steps to complete the export

Caller Group Management

Creating a Caller Group:

  1. Launch the "Contacts" application
  2. From the "Groups" tab, press "Menu"
  3. Tap "New group" and type in a name for the group
  4. Optionally, select a custom ringtone for the group
  5. Tap "Save" and the "Group saved" message should appear briefly

Adding Contacts to an Existing Caller Group:

  1. From the "Contacts" application, access the "Groups" tab
  2. Select the group you wish to edit and press "Menu"
  3. Tap "Edit group" and choose to "Add members"
  4. Select the contacts you wish to add
  5. Tap "Add" and press "Save" to confirm

Removing Contacts from a Group:

  1. Launch the "Contacts" app
  2. From the "Groups" tab, select the group you want to edit
  3. Press "Menu" and tap "Edit group"
  4. Tap the red "X" button associated with the contact(s) you wish to remove from the group
  5. After you've edited the group, tap "Save" to apply the changes

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