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    Managing Contacts

    Adding a new Contact:

    1. While viewing the home screen, tap "Contacts"
    2. Tap the "+" button
    3. Select to save the contact on the "SIM", "Phone" or "Google"
    4. Type in the contact's phone number and choose the desired phone number type
    5. Enter the contact's name
    6. Complete any additional fields as you see fit
    7. When ready, tap "Save"

    Editing a Contact with Custom Ringtone and Image:

    1. Open the "Contacts" app
    2. Tap the contact you want to edit
    3. To assign a custom image, tap the "Photo" box
    4. Tap "Select from Gallery", browse and select the image you wish to set
    5. Tap "Crop picture" > "Just once"
    6. Drag the blue borders to crop the image and tap "OK"
    7. Tap the "Edit" button to assign a custom ringtone
    8. From the "Ringtone" field, select a ringtone and touch "OK" to set it

    Import Contacts:

    1. From the home screen, tap the "Contacts" app
    2. Press "Menu" and tap "import / Export"
    3. Tap to "Import from SIM card", "Import from SD card" or "Import from internal storage'
    4. Select the location where you wish to import the contact
    5. Follow any self-explanatory steps that may follow to complete the process

    Export Contacts:

    1. Open "Contacts" and press "Menu"
    2. Tap "Import / Export"
    3. Choose the location where the contacts should be exported
    4. Select the contacts you want to export and follow any additional on-screen steps that may follow

    Assign a Contact to Speed Dial:

    1. From the home screen, tap "Phone"
    2. Press "Menu" and tap "Speed dial"
    3. Select the dial pad number you want to use for speed dialing
    4. Choose the contact you wish to associate with the aforementioned dial pad number

    Deleting Contacts:

    1. From the "Contacts" application, go to the list of contacts
    2. Tap and hold the contact you want to remove
    3. Tap "Delete contact"
    4. Touch "Yes" to confirm

    Managing Caller Groups

    Create a New Caller Group:

    1. From the home screen, open "Contacts"
    2. Go to the "Groups" tab and press "Menu"
    3. Tap "New Group"
    4. Type in a name for the group
    5. Optionally, select a group ringtone
    6. Select the contacts you want to add to the group and tap "Save"

    Adding Contacts to an Existing Caller Group:

    1. From the "Contacts" app, access the "Groups" tab
    2. Select the desired group
    3. Press "Menu" > "Edit group"
    4. Tap "Add member" and select the contacts you want to add
    5. Tap "Add" and press "Save" to confirm

    Remove Contacts from a Group:

    1. Launch the "Contacts" app
    2. From the "Groups" tab, press "Menu"
    3. Tap "Edit group"
    4. To remove a contact, press the red "X" button associated with it
    5. When you're done editing the group, tap "Save"

    See More: LG Realm: Add and Manage Contacts & Caller Groups

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    Re: LG Realm: Add and Manage Contacts & Caller Groups

    Sir, you are a Godsend! I just got a new phone and google imported 93 email addresses from craigslist when I was looking for a job. I deleted these long ago because I clean out my emails periodically, so I have no idea how this happened. I have to delete them all and now I know how!

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