Sometimes during the unlocking process, You can receive a message that your phone is not personalized.<BR><BR>

What it means exactly is that the phone doesn't have a sim blockade anymore, it just needs new configuration files.<BR>
The easiest way to receive this type of information, is to contact the network You are using and tell them to send You a configuration SMS for your specific model like Unlock your LG Optimus Me P350 by code - - unlock your phone, or<BR><BR>

There is nothing to worry about if the SMS doesn't fix your problem, sometimes also a factory reset is requeired to allow the phone to make the correct changes in the system.<BR><BR>

That is the reason why some users can use the internet, but cannot make any calls.<BR>
Or the other way around, it doesn't always mean that the unlocking code didn't work, or that it wasn't unlocked.<BR><BR>

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