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Written on: 12/04/2015 by methodman07 (1 review written)

I didn't get to try the trialpay route, but I did do instant and I got my unlock code within a couple of days. It worked great and I am so very happy!! The process was very easy from beginning to end. Unfortunately they cannot give you an exact date for when you get your unlock code but I did get mine sooner then the last date they provided. I've already recommended the site to friends and family and very much plan on using it again.
If you are ready to begin unlocking your LG Cookie, go to, find LG Cookie on the list of mobile phones we are able to unlock, and then find the country and your phone’s network provider on the list. Once you are done with this initial step, the most important and final step is to select how you want to unlock your LG Cookie. At you have an opportunity to choose one of two unlocking options we currently offer. First, you can just buy LG unlock codes through PayPal and use them to unlock your LG Cookie. Or you can select to unlock LG Cookie for free with the help from our reliable business partner TrialPay. No matter what option you choose, we guarantee that your LG Cookie will be unlocked or your money back – absolutely guaranteed. However, if you choose the free unlocking option, you will need to complete one free TrialPay offer. TrialPay works with thousands of companies, and it is totally up to you which offer to choose to complete. Just make sure to complete the offer successfully, and TrialPay will pay for your LG unlock codes.

Once your codes have been paid for, we will start working on generating your LG SIM network unlock PINs. We ask for at least 48 hours, but in reality often able to generate unlock codes in less than 30 minutes. After we have successfully generated unlock codes for you, we will send them to you via email. So, check your email frequently and once you received your codes, do not hesitate to use them right away. One of the codes we send will unlock your LG Cookie. But if none of the codes worked, just contact us for your full and quickly processed refund.

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