This phone has a great display but has a lot of things needing improvement. The answer icon usually doesn't work so you can't answer phone calls. Pressing the answer key usually does not respond and you get a lost call. Screenshots, using the power and volume down button gets you a volume bar on your shot which ruins the photo. The battery life is horrendous; the phone spends more time being charged than used. The big LCD screen cannot be seen at all in places like a sunny beach and barely at all outdoors, even at 100% brightness, the power switch on the rear means that when placing the unit down or in a case, the power turns on. Why they put a power switch and speaker in back is ridiculous. I think the mike is in the back as well. The camera shutter lags meaning subjects often move out of the desired photo and the shutter sound cannot be heard so I don't know if the camera was used or not. Great looking phone but lots of improvements needed.

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