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    I made a mistake and downloaded the Lollipop software update to my LG G3. I love this phone and had no issues with music streaming through my truck's bluetooth until after this update.

    Everything on the phone works great until I connect the music through my truck's bluetooth. Pandora, for instance -- it plays just fine through my phone. When I connect it to the truck's bluetooth, it plays fine to start, but after a few measures becomes patchy, as if it is trying to buffer. It is not the truck's bluetooth because other devices, including another LG G3 that hasn't been updated, have no issues when connected with the same music apps.

    When I make calls through the bluetooth I have no problems. It is only when I am using a music app.

    I have cleared my storage cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the music apps, and I have done a factory reset on my phone. What can I do to resolve this? I am in my truck a lot and need this to work.

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    Re: LG G3 - bluetooth issue

    It seems like others are having this problem with Lollipop, like here https://productforums.google.com/for...us/pioR9Zo-mUc and here Bluetooth streaming choppy with LG 3 on Lollipop - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    It looks like it was fixed for 5.1, which of course isn't available yet without rooting your phone and loading a 5.1 rom.

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