Using a Google Account:

NOTE: You can use a Google account to sync the contacts on the SGSIII. Then you can use the same account on the LG Magna and sync the contacts with your device.

  1. Register your Google account on the SGSIII
  2. Press "Menu" on the home screen
  3. Go to "Settings" > "My Accounts" > "Google"
  4. Tap the "user name" or "email address" at the top of the screen
  5. Check the "Sync Contacts" box and tap "Sync now"
  6. Register the same Google account on the LG Magna
  7. From the home screen, tap "Apps" and go to "Settings"
  8. Under "Personal" tap "Accounts & sync"
  9. If necessary, select the account and set it to sync contacts with your phone

Via the "Contacts" App:

NOTE: Using the default Contacts app you can export your SGSIII contacts as a VCF file, and transfer it to the LG Magna via email. To do so:

  1. Launch "Contacts" on the Galaxy SIII
  2. From the "Contacts" tab, press "Menu" > "Contacts to display" > "All contacts"
  3. Press "Menu" > "Import / Export"
  4. Tap "Export to SD card" and make sure you remember the file name for future use. Then tap "OK"
  5. Launch the email app and attach the VCF file to a new email
  6. Send the email to your own address
  7. On the LG Magna, open the email and download the attached file
  8. Launch "Contacts" / "People" on the LG device, press "Menu" > "Import / Export"
  9. Browse for and select the VCF file to import its contents

NOTE: After you have created the VCF file on the SGSIII, you can transfer it to the LG Magna without using an email address. To do so, connect both smartphones to your computer via USB and manually transfer the VCF file from one phone to the other

Using "Send Anywhere":

NOTE: Send Anywhere is a third party app that can be used to transfer contacts and other types of files without needing a computer. The app uses a P2P connection and can be used as follows:

  1. Install "Send Anywhere" from the Play Store on both your Android smartphones
  2. Launch the app on both handsets
  3. On the SGSIII, tap "Send" > "Contacts"
  4. Check the contacts you want to share and tap "Send"
  5. Choose a method of transfer. Tapping "Generate QR Code" on the SGSIII allows you to transfer your contacts by scanning the code with the LG Magna's camera. You can also tap "Receive" on the LG device, and enter the randomly generated transfer code from the SGSIII

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