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    Using iTunes:

    NOTE: If you have iTunes installed on your computer you can use the application to sync the contacts stored on your iPhone with your Google account. You can then re-sync the contacts from the account with the LG G Stylo. This method requires a computer with Internet access.

    1. Open iTunes on the computer
    2. Connect the iPhone to your computer via USB
    3. Once connected the iPhone will appear in iTunes. Click it to access the device’s summary page
    4. From the “Info” tab enable “Sync Contacts With
    5. Select “Google Contacts” from the drop-down menu
    6. Sign in with your Google account or alternatively click “Configure” and choose an existing account from the list
    7. Click “Apply” and the syncing process will commence
    8. Next, register the Google account on the LG G Stylo and allow it to sync contacts with your Android phone

    Using iCloud:

    NOTE: In case you’ve used iCloud on your iPhone prior to finding this guide, chances are that your contacts have already been backed up on your iCloud account. You can access it on a computer connected to the Internet, and export these contacts in the form of a VCF file for Android

    1. Launch the Internet browser on your computer
    2. Visit
    3. Sign in with your iCloud account and go to “Contacts
    4. Select the contacts you want to transfer
    5. Click “Settings” and select “Export vCard
    6. After the VCF file is downloaded on your computer, import it in “Google Contacts” or instead:
    7. Connect the LG G Stylo to your computer via USB and manually transfer the VCF file to the phone’s internal storage. Then, open “Contacts” and use the “Import” function

    Using “My Contacts Backup”:

    NOTE: My Contacts Backup is a third party application for iOS. It can back up your iPhone contacts and transfer them via email in the form of a vCard file.

    1. On the iPhone, visit the App Store and install “My Contacts Backup
    2. Launch the application
    3. Tap “Backup” > “Email
    4. Attach the VCF backup file to the email and send it to your own Gmail address
    5. On the LG G Stylo, open the email and download the attached vCard file
    6. Import the file’s contents to your phonebook using the “Contacts” app

    Using “Send Anywhere”:

    NOTE: Send Anywhere is another third party app that can be used for transferring contacts without the need of a computer. It uses a P2P connection so transfer across platforms is possible as well.

    1. Visit the Google Play Store and install Send Anywhere on the LG device
    2. Go to the App Store and install the same app on your iPhone too
    3. Open the application on both smartphones
    4. On the sender device (the iPhone), tap “Send” > “Contacts
    5. Select the contacts you want to share and tap “Send
    6. Lastly, choose a method of sharing. You can tap “Receive” on the LG smartphone and begin the transfer by entering the randomly generated code from the iPhone, or you can tap “Generate QR Code” on the iPhone and scan the code with the LG smartphone’s camera to begin the transfer

    See More: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the LG G Stylo

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the LG G Stylo

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    I don't know whether you like using some transfer tool ,i have already used some tool to transfer android contacts to iPhone ,

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