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    Insert the SD Card:

    1. Power off the phone
    2. Remove the back cover and insert the microSD card in its slot
    3. Replace the back cover and turn on the phone
    4. From the home screen, tap “Apps”
    5. Go to “Settings” and access the “General” tab
    6. Swipe to “Phone management” and tap “Storage”
    7. Tap “Mount SD card”

    Remove the SD Card:

    1. Tap “Apps” and go to “Settings”
    2. From the “General” tab, swipe to “Phone management” and tap “Storage”
    3. Tap “Unmount SD card”
    4. Power off the phone and remove the back cover using the notch
    5. Carefully remove the SD card, refit the back cover and power on the phone

    Format the SD Card:

    1. Open the apps drawer and go to “Settings”
    2. Access the “General” tab and swipe down to “Phone management”
    3. Tap “Storage” > “Erase SD card”
    4. Tap “Erase SD card”
    5. Enter the security code if prompted, and tap “Next”
    6. Tap “Erase SD card” one last time to confirm

    View the Amount of Storage on the SD:

    1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
    2. Access “Settings”
    3. From the “General” tab swipe to “Phone Management”
    4. Tap “Storage”
    5. Scroll to “SD card” to view the “Total” and “Available” SD storage

    Set the Default Memory Storage for the Camera app:

    NOTE: Most of the pre-loaded applications on the LG Leon can be set to use the internal or the external storage to store data. Below you can find an example (for the Camera app) of how to change an app’s default memory storage location

    1. Launch the “Camera” app
    2. Press “Menu” > “Settings”
    3. Access “Memory”
    4. Tap the “SD” icon toggle to switch to SD storage

    SD Card File Transfer

    Transfer Files from the SD Card to the Internal Storage:

    1. Tap “Apps”
    2. Go to “File Manager” > “All files”
    3. Tap “SD Card”
      • To move items from SD to the internal storage:
        1. Tap the icon depicting an arrow pointing down
        2. Mark the check boxes associated with the items you want to move
        3. Tap “Internal storage”
        4. Navigate to the desired destination and tap “Move”
      • To copy files from the SD card:
        1. Tap the “Copy” icon
        2. Select the items you want to copy
        3. Tap “SD Card” and navigate to where you wish to copy the items
        4. Tap “OK”

    Transfer Files Between the SD and a Windows PC:

    1. Connect the LG Leon to your computer via USB
    2. Swipe the “Status” bar down and tap “USB connected” > “Connect USB storage”
    3. In the AutoPlay window on the PC, click “Open folder to view files”
    4. Locate the desired files on the SD card
    5. Copy the files and transfer them to the desired location on the PC
    6. Once the process is done, tap “Disconnect storage from PC” and safely disconnect the phone from the USB

    See More: LG Leon: Manage the SD Card / External Storage

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    Re: LG Leon: Manage the SD Card / External Storage

    Thank you this manual, but is there a way set the default way of saving any stuff (whether it's an app or any media file) straight to SD instead of internal memory?

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    Re: LG Leon: Manage the SD Card / External Storage

    I tried to figure that out myself. But according to, some people are saying you may have to root your phone, and then download an app that allow you to transfer your apps to your External Storage. I have an LG Leon LTE w/ Lollipop 5.1, and I use an app called TransferToSD. Although it tells me there is no need to transfer any apps to my External Storage, I notice after downloading the app I could [manually] transfer apps that I downloaded. This can be done by going to Applications/App Manager, under Settings. If you're going to use the rooting method, be very cautious. The LG Leon LTE w/ Lollipop 5.1 has special security mechanisms that make it nearly impossible to root the phone; especially with rooting apps that are labeled as Malware, by any security or antivirus app you are using on your phone.

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