Clear an App's Cache and / or Data:

NOTE: If a third party application doesn't work as intended you can try fixing these issues by clearing the app's cache or data.

WARNING! By clearing an app's data you will delete all the personal data stored within the app, including saved games, high scores, profiles, credit card information and so on. Because of this you should first try to fix the problems by clearing the app's cache.

  1. Tap "Apps" on the home screen
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Tap the "General" tab
  4. Tap "Apps" under "Phone management"
  5. Go to "All" and select the desired application
  6. Tap "Clear cache". If necessary, tap "Clear data" too and press "OK" to confirm

Wipe the Phone's Cache Partition:

NOTE: Clearing the cache partition can solve various issues on your phone, and unlike a factory reset, clearing the cache will not delete all the personal data stored on the phone's internal memory. To wipe the LG Volt 2's cache partition:

  1. Tap "Apps" on the home screen
  2. Access the "Settings" menu
  3. Go to the "General" tab and tap "Storage"
  4. After the phone calculates the data, tap "Cache data"
  5. Tap "OK" to confirm and clear the cache
  6. Once the cache is cleared, you should no longer see any cached data under "Storage"

NOTE: If wiping the cache did not solve the issues you can try fixing them by factory resetting the smartphone. Follow this link to learn how to master reset the LG Volt 2.

Enable Safe Mode:

NOTE: You can use safe mode to easily remove problematic third party apps that may prevent you from removing them otherwise. This is because all third party apps are disabled in Safe Mode, so whatever process was preventing the uninstall should no longer interfere.

  1. Turn off the LG Volt 2
  2. Turn the smartphone back on
  3. As soon as the "LG" logo appears press and hold the "Volume Down" button
  4. After the phone reboots and you see a "Safe Mode" label in the lower-left corner of the screen, release all hardware buttons
  5. To remove the problematic app, first go to the phone's "Settings" menu
  6. Tap "Apps" under "Device"
  7. Swipe to the "Downloaded" screen
  8. Select the desired app, tap "Uninstall" and press "OK"
  9. To exit safe mode, press and hold "Power" and tap "Power off and restart"

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