Enable Device Lock:

  1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
  2. Access “Settings
  3. Optionally, tap “menu” > “List view
  4. Tap “Lock screen” under “Device
  5. Tap “Select screen lock” and select one of the following options:
    • Swipe
    • Knock Code
    • Pattern
    • Password
    • PIN

Change the Lock Screen Password / PIN:

  1. Access the phones “Settings” menu
  2. Optionally, press “menu” and switch to “List view
  3. Under “Device", tap “Lock screen
  4. Tap “Select screen lock
  5. Select either “Password” or “PIN”, depending on your current active option
  6. Enter your password or PIN and tap “Continue
  7. Enter the new password and tap “Continue” > “OK

Disable Device Lock:

  1. Access the phone’s “Settings” menu
  2. Swipe to “Device
  3. Tap “Lock screen
  4. Select “None” from the list of options

Enable / Disable Emergency Alerts:

  1. Tap “Messaging” on the home screen
  2. Press “Menu” and tap “Settings
  3. Under “General”, tap “General settings
  4. Tap “Emergency alerts” under “Other
  5. Selector clear the boxes associated with “Imminent extreme alerts”, “Imminent severe alerts” or “AMBER alerts

NOTE: Presidential alerts are enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

See More: LG Tribute 2: Manage Device Lock and Emergency Alerts Settings