Using a Google Account:

NOTE: Using a Google account you can sync the contacts stored on your Samsung Galaxy device with it, and then resync the account data with the LG Risio.

  1. Sign in with your Google account on the Samsung device
  2. Access the phone’s “Settings” menu
  3. Go to “My Accounts” > “Google
  4. Tap your “user name” or “email address
  5. Enable “Sync Contacts” and tap “Sync now
  6. Register the same Google account on the LG Risio and allow it to sync contacts with your device

Using the “Contacts” App:

NOTE: Using the default Contacts application on both smartphones, you can export and import (transfer) your contacts, as follows:

  1. Open “Contacts” on the Galaxy phone
  2. From the “Contacts” tab, press “Menu
  3. Tap “Contacts to display” > “All contacts
  4. Press “Menu” > “Import / Export
  5. Tap “Export to SD Card” and make sure you remember the file name for future use
  6. Tap “OK
  7. After the file is created, open the email client and compose a new email
  8. Attach the backup file to the email, and send it to your own address
  9. Switch to the LG Risio and open the email, then download the attached vCard file
  10. Launch “Contacts” and tap “Menu” > “Manage Contacts” > “Import
  11. Under “From”, browse for and select the vCard file you just downloaded from the email
  12. Under “To”, select to store the contacts on the “Phone” or your “Google” account
  13. Choose the contacts you want to import, or tap “Select all
  14. Tap “Import” > “Yes

NOTE: After you have created the vCard file, you can transfer it from the Galaxy device to the LG Risio by connecting both smartphones to your computer. Then you can import the file on the LG phone via “Contacts”.

Using “Send Anywhere”:

NOTE: Send Anywhere is a third party application that allows users to transfer contacts and other types of files via a P2P connection, without needing a computer. To use this method:

  1. Go to the App Store and install “Send Anywhere” on both smartphones
  2. Open the app on both devices
  3. On the Galaxy device, tap “Send” > “Contacts
  4. Select the contacts you want to share and tap “Send
  5. Choose the desired transfer method. You can tap “Generate QR Code” on the Galaxy device and scan the code with the Risio’s camera to begin the transfer. Alternatively tap “Receive” on the LG Risio and enter the transfer code from the Galaxy device

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