After the Fire Phone no Prime fiasco I returned it and bought an unlocked AT&T LG G Flex 2. I've never owned a smartphone before and have made due with my old dumb phone and iPod Touch. I see that many of these phones need to be updated through the carrier. I ran the LG software and it says the phone doesn't need an update. Everything I've read says the phone has been updated to 5.1.1 and is supposed to receive a 6.0 upgrade down the road. Will putting in an AT&T sim allow it to update? If not do I get a month's of AT&T service to update the phone and then go for something cheaper? I really don't use wireless much, I rarely go above 60 minutes a month. I'm more concerned about data when there's no Wi-Fi around. AT&T and the virtual providers that use their network is the only GSM service around here. If I went with Cricket would it update through the AT&T network? What do I have to do to update my phone?

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