Using a Google Account:

NOTE: You can use your Google account to sync the contacts on your Samsung Galaxy phone, and then re-sync the account data with the LG G Vista 2.

  1. On the Samsung phone, sign in with your Google account
  2. Go to “Settings” > “My accounts” and select “Google
  3. Tap your “email address” or “user name” at the top of the screen
  4. Turn on “Sync Contacts” and tap “Sync now
  5. Switch to the LG G Vista 2, sign in with the same Google account used on the Samsung phone, and allow the account to sync contacts with your LG handset

Using “Contacts”:

NOTE: You can use the default contacts app on the Samsung device to export your contacts in vCard file format. Then you can transfer the file to the LG G Vista 2, and import its contents using the default contacts application.

  1. Open “Contacts” on the Samsung phone
  2. Go to the “Contacts” tab if necessary
  3. If necessary, press “Menu”, tap “Contacts to display” and switch to “All contacts
  4. Press “Menu” and select “Import / Export
  5. Tap “Export to SD card” and press “OK” (make sure you remember the backup file’s name)
  6. After the vCard backup file is created, open the email client, compose a new email, and attach the vCard file
  7. Send the vCard file to your own address
  8. Switch to the LG G Vista 2, and open the email to download the attached vCard file
  9. Launch “Contacts” on the LG device, tap “Menu” > “Manage contacts
  10. Select “Internal storage” or “SD Card” under “From”, and choose the vCard backup file
  11. Under “To”, select “Google” or “Phone
  12. Tap “OK” and select the contacts you want to import, or tap “Select all
  13. Tap “Import” > “Yes

NOTE: After you create the vCard file on the Samsung phone, you can transfer it to the LG G Vista 2 by connecting both smartphones to your computer via USB, and moving the backup file to the Vista 2’s storage.

Using “Send Anywhere”:

NOTE: Another method you can use to transfer contacts is through Send Anywhere. This is a third party app that can transfer data across phones via a P2P connection.

  1. Open the Google Play Store and install “Send Anywhere” on both Android devices
  2. Launch the application on both handsets
  3. On the Samsung device, tap “Send” > “Contacts
  4. Select the contacts you want to share and tap “Send
  5. Lastly, choose a transfer method. You can tap “Generate QR Code” on the Samsung device and scan the code with the LG G Vista 2’s camera, or tap “Receive” on the LG device and manually enter the transfer code generated on the Samsung phone

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