I live outside the US but on a recent trip to visit family there, I bought a refurbished LG E980. It was an AT&T phone (which I did not know) and I bought it through Amazon. It was advertised as refurbished, unlocked for international use. The phone looks great and brand new - no scratches or anything.

However, I am not cell phone savvy and I need some help!

When I first got the phone, I removed or disabled all the (many many) things that I do not or would not use. Such as the AT&T contacts and some other AT&T things. It worked great at first, but in time, lost its mind. Pages would flip back and forth without any input from me; the screen would "quiver" and worst of all -- it wouldn't recognize taps or swipes.

I checked the 142 page manual (lol) but couldn't find anything.. So I did a factory reset and decided to leave everything just as it was. Now, I don't have the same problems, but WTH!! There is so much JUNK on my phone!!

Now I am thinking I will just delete or disable things I don't want one at a time and see what happens.

But really, this phone has become pretty unusable for me and another option is just to throw it in the river behind my house.

Any ideas? Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated. And keep it simple, because I am "cell phone stupid." (Elderly and only had one other smart phone in my life.)

PS: At one point, I decided I would just use it as a Kindle but with Amazon's new policy of wanting access to virtually EVERYTHING on your phone, that's a no-go. I've downloaded a few things from Project Gutenberg but really, I'd like to have the full function of my phone.

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