Hi, I wanna talk about they LG K7, this phone is sooo bad, its gotta be worst than the Huawei m835.. This phone is completely broken.. Just the standard apps the phone comes equipt with make the phone lags, it even lags when playing the most basic side scroller games were you litteraly just have to tap the screen every once in a while, but for some reason, it lags hardest when connected to certain wifi, including my home.. I have xfinity, i usually get like 30mbps download and 10 upload, an Im the sole user of this connection... Idk whats with this phone but it litteraly works best when its eaten up my data, even with all widgets uninstalled and a routine 15 min task killer.. For some reason it works somewhat well when connected to unsecured WiFi networks but even then, for a LG phone, no just no.. I got this phrom metro for 70 bucks, you get what you pay for, but ive had cheaper phones out preform this dust fk of a lg phone.. I have never had this problem with LG, an this kinda makes me wonder about them as a phone dev.. Look, Im not tryna hate, the LG OOptimus 1 2 an i think the exceed was one of my fav phones of all times, but dont buy the LG K7, save your money, you can go online an see ppl have had a similar problem with this phone with no clear solution.. Im really salty, but im also really broke an on a budget.

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