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“Freeunlocks Worked great! Exactly as advertised Cheap...”

Written on: 21/06/2017 by LorenCrow (1 review written)

OK, I'm not a tech savvy guy but Freeunlocks worked great exactly as they said. Ya, I know, ~$17 isn't free but compared to the cost of the phone and compared to the cost of other sites and that it worked great, this felt like free.
I had two USA based phones. My work phone, an iPhone 6 with Verizon that I needed to give back and a locked iPhone 6s with AT&T that I owned but was never activated. I wanted to unlock the 6s so I could use any carrier.

On the Freeunlocks website I paid the ~$17 via paypal (as a guest) and entered my phone make, model, carrier, and IMEI number which you get by entering *#06# into the phone key pad (check you can do this first and write it down carefully). Freeunlocks immediately sent me an email saying, I'd get an email as soon as it was unlocked and I'd get my money back if they could not unlock it. I went to dinner with friends and when I came back 2 hours later, I had an email from Freeunlocks saying my phone was unlocked and they gave me instructions via a link on how to unlock. Basically, put new SIM card in phone, turn on phone while connected to PC, then open iTunes. itunes in a minute came up saying my phone was unlocked (phone showed service now) and asked if I wanted to back it up from my itunes backup. I did and it was done in minutes. I highly recommend both Freeunlocks and backing up your phone on itunes first--not icloud as it does not do a complete backup of you phone (no contacts...)My phone has been unlocked for a few days and works great. Thanks Freeunlocks. Note: I had tried to just swap sim cards before several times...and with no luck so did confirm that phone was locked first: several times.

IMPORTANT: Freeunlocks does state on their FAQs that it can't unlock some phones so read this first to see if yours will work. Also understand that this unlocks your phone to move carriers but is the the SIM PIN code. These are different things. Make sure its a carrier unlock that you need.

Value For Money
So, what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. If we can’t unlock your phone, we will give you your money back – 100% guaranteed. Hence, don’t waste another minute with a locked LG enV and get at to unlock your LG enV now.

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