Back Up App Data:

  1. Launch “Settings
  2. Access the “General” tab
  3. Scroll to “Phone Management
  4. Tap “Backup & reset
  5. Under “Google Backup” tap and enable “Back up my data

Back Up Contacts on an LG Account:

  1. Open “Settings
  2. If necessary, go to the “General” tab
  3. Scroll to “Phone management
  4. Tap “Backup & reset
  5. Tap “LG Backup” > “Backup & restore
  6. Tap “Back up my data” > “SD Storage
  7. Sign in with your LG account
  8. Next, select “Personal data” while deselecting the other options
  9. Expand the “Personal data” option and ensure “Contacts” is ticked
  10. Tap “Start” > “Done

Back Up Contacts to SD Storage:

  1. Open “Settings
  2. If necessary, access the “General” tab
  3. Scroll to “Phone Management” and tap “Backup & reset
  4. Tap “LG Backup & Restore” > “Backup data” > “SD Card
  5. Select the contacts you want to back up and tap “Start” > “Done

Back Up Media Files:

  1. Launch “Settings
  2. Under ‘Phone Management” tap “Backup & reset
  3. Access “LG Backup
  4. Tap “Backup & Restore
  5. Select “Media data” and deselect the other options
  6. Expand “Media data” and select the media files you wish to back up
  7. Tap “Start” > “Done

Back Up Media Files on a Windows PC:

  1. Connect the LG device to the computer via USB
  2. Enable “Media device” / “File Transfer” at the prompt or from the Notification area
  3. Launch the File Explorer on the computer
  4. Locate the media file backups or the file(s) ending with the “.sbf” extension on the phone storage
  5. Copy and transfer the files to the desired backup location on the PC
  6. Once done, eject the phone storage via system tray and safely disconnect the phone from the USB port

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