I have the Lg Env Touch Vx11000. I have changed to carrier Total Wireless. I broke my other one and when I do I buy 2 or 3 off Ebay at a time. This one I have now has V04 on it. I am looking to upgrade the V04 Firmware to at least 9. I see Websites that are offering software 11 but all links are dead and I can't find the files anywhere. Can someone either using bitpim or LGNPST tell me how to do it? On the alternate I have V09 on one of my other env touches (the one that broke and I need it because when I Phones text me it freezes my phone or they come in broken.

If no one has a link for the new firmware how can I extract the firmware off that and put it on the new phone? Any advice is super appreciated.

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