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    i have the lg aristo and when i plug it into the pc and go into the lg phone and then dcim and then camera folder i get my pictures but they are from oldest down to newest. how do i make it so i see the newest pictures first? i use the phone to take pictures to post online and when i go into the phone they always are oldest first. any ideas thanks i think i found the answer. i had to change the sort order in the camera folder once i opened it up for attaching pictures in emails. i found i had to go to an open spot to right click and then there is was.

    now another one in the same area of topic. when i'm in an email and click the add image. i get the option to pick the source. i click the lg aristo and then up pops the camera or the sd card. so i pick the sd as my pictures are stored there. but how do i make it so when i click the sd card the camera folder opens to save me the trouble of picking the dcim folder and then the camera folder. any ideas here? thanks

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    Re: lg aristo 7.0 camera sort order

    ..I do not know

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