i have the lg k20 and i'm wondering how many phone numbers with this phone let you block before it will not block anymore? my wireless hand held that i use on magicjack will let me block maybe 50 numbers. magicjack will not let me block any numbers. i currently block every call i get now as i have yet to make a call on this phone ever. i have it just as an emergency phone now and every call i get is a scammer of sorts and no one has this number from my family but for my wife and daughters. and they do not call they txt. and for those that say maybe the previous user of this number may be getting calls. well that may be so but i have had this number for over 15 years now and i'm sure by now most of someones elses calls have been updated. and up until about last year i never got a call on this number so that also leads me to believe these are scam calls.

and this is a tracfone and i have like 5k minutes and 5k txt and i did have 800gb of data until tracfone took them one day so i have started over on that. i'm not thinking tracfone does the call blocking for me i think it is on the phone. so does anyone happen to know just how many numbers these phones let you block before they fill up. thanks

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