New to the forums. Just purchased a new phone and decided to "downgrade" to a flip. I rarely accessed the 'net
from my previous phones and do a lot of biking so wanted something simpler and easier to carry around. Have a question about contacts setup- occasionally, I take snapshots when on the road and send them as MMS messages to
my email account. This is different than receiving/forwarding email from my provider to my phone which I do not want to do. Never had to set an email provider on previous phones to send MMS's to my email. In the contacts section there is a field to define an email address but when a contact is set up using only that field and the NAME field
( omitting a phone number )- when I try to send an MMS msg to my email account, it comes back with a "no number" error. Wondering what I'm missing or maybe it's just not possible to do this ?

thanks in advance-b

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