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    Anybody tried this yet?

    I've just loaded it up, early days yet but using it atm to browse and post here using Firefox.

    My favourite distro, previously, had been Suse 10.2 but I think I may be a convert to this one.

    A single CD ISO download, took me 45 minutes to download.

    Has everything you need to get started plus there are literally hundreds of downloadable add-ons.

    Has the Gimp; Kaffeine; Open Office as standard, for instance

    But best of all it recognised all my hardware and plays audio tracks and DVD movies straight out of the box - absolutely brilliant.

    I'm no great shakes at Linux - text commands confuse me - but this, so far, to me, seems the most simple distro I've ever used, it really is a breeze to use it.

    And the ISO burns you a Live CD as well, so you can try it before you install.

    Well, so far, so good, quite impressed, tomorrow, when I'm sober, lol I will try some more stuff, in particular I will attempt to install UT2004 and see how it plays. I did manage to install UT2004 on a previous installation of Suse 10.1 but it was, frankly, hard work.

    Anyways, if you're curious, give PCLinuxOS2007 a try, you could do worse.

    See More: PC Linux OS 2007

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    Re: PC Linux OS 2007

    seeing first time

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