I am looking to get a metropcs account and they can flash only verizon or sprint phones to work on their network. (Or you can buy a phone from them at a relatively high price).

They have a cost to flash a phone and so I want to be sure about the phone I get (I cannot keep changing it if I did not like something) -- AT&T is so nice in that regard, just insert your SIM card in another phone and see if you like it...

Anyway, I need some help in selecting a basic phone with these being my preferences:

Must have:
* separate charger/headset port
* time/info/missed calls shown outside in standby (do not black out)
* call logs - show numbers with time of call (2 rows per entry)
* snoozable alarm

Nice to have
* bar style preferred
* camera

Any help will be useful. Thanks!

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