My saga begins METRO PCS -- SHAME ON YOU.
I would participate in the blog on this forum, but the character length is limited to 10,000, and my first entry would have exceeded that by nearly 400, pretty much necessarily.

I am posting the link to my yahoo blog and suggest you subscribe to see how, ultimately, things unfold. My issues have been resolved, but not without much frustration, several hours on the phone and running back and forth between the dealer and corporate stores.
yes, SAGA is the only way to aptly describe my experience.

I continue the saga no longer for me, but stand on a matter of principal for my fellow consumers. Lest you think my efforts are for naught, I had the ear of the wife of the President and CEO of Metro PCS and guess what?
HELLO HELLO HELLO, I got a call from a regional Sr level supervisor.

My story (issues) isn't anything new, but I believe my tactical approach is what makes my saga unique. I have also contacted the editor of Business Week online (if you read and follow the blog, you will understand why this is pertinent)

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