Alrights guys, don't know if anyone has posted a tut for this yet but I finally got this EVO up and going with web. I don't know who the original poster of this was but it sure rocks!!

So Lets Begin First you will need the following Items

1. Cdma-Workshop (Any Build) i will not post.....hint....Search
2. Qpst v2.7 build 323 (I have attached this)
3. Htc Hero DIAG Drivers (I Have Attached This)
4. Htc Sync (Its On The Link At The Bottom)
5. BetterCut or Anycut ( I have made a link for...Anycut)

Ok Now that we have the Files Lets Start Flashing

1. Press ##DIAG# (##3424) on your phone You will see a screen Pop Up Thats Normal
2. Now plug The phone up to the computer and it will try and find the drivers but it will fail or ask you to locate the drivers manually so make sure you remember where you unzipped the files
3. Once you have that setup Go to Cdma-Workshop Go To the port the phone is on and Read From the Phone and go to the Security Tab.....and On the Spc Section Read The lock Code and write it to back to the phone so it says unlocked Then make the code 000000 and rewrite the code so it says sucess.
4. Now Close Cdma-Workshop and Open QPST Configuration Click On The Ports Tab and Add New Port ( Make Sure Show Serial and Usb/QC Diag Ports Only is Unchecked) and Add The Port Of Your Hero.
5.Highlight Your Port and Click Start Client and Start Service programming and Press Read From Phone The SPC should be all 0's so click on the M.I.P. Tab and Change The Mobile IP Behavior To Simple Ip. Edit The M.I.P. Profiles at the Top. Your NAI and Tethered NAI should be ([email protected] or [email protected])
6. Next Click On The PPP Config Tab and Click the UM Button your user id should be ([email protected] or [email protected]) and the password and tethered NAI should be metropcs or cricket Do the Same For the AN Button and press Write to Phone It should Give You a Error But Dont Worry About It
7. Press ##DATA# (##3282#) And Setup your Data for your phone and press menu and Commit So your phone Will Reboot
8. Install BetterCut or AnyCut on your phone and open it Press New ShortCut And Go To Activity It make take a couple of minutes for it to appear but when it Does Go down to Proxy Setting and Click It. It Will Ask for a Name make it whatever you want to. It should say shortcut created sucessfully. Go to your Home Screen and it should be somewhere on there press it and Edit it For Cricket It should be HostNAME: And Port Should be 8080 and for Metropcs HostName: and Port Should Be 3128.

**Forgot who originally posted this, but its not my solution, enjoy**


htc sync:



QPST pass is:

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