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    There has been considerable dialogue about the value for a cell phone user when getting their htc evo fully flashed to metro pcs.


    Using a far superior phone than metro pcs offers
    putting a phone you may be late on bill with or had the account canxd to good use
    um, well using the Evo, its a great phone with excellent features


    You can not access metro pcs 4glte, although you, of course can use wi-fi, your regular web is the old metro pcs speed, EDGE, at best
    flash to metro pcs is only limited to certain states, Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan..if you are in new york, philadephia or boston for example, you cannot take advantage of flash service

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    Re: HTC Evo with metroPCS

    i had my evo flashed to metro last month and Saturday all but sms stopped we changed rom and then all but mms worked my guy then made a change to try and fix mms now all i get is "your account could not be verified what can i do

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