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    MetroPCS is now allowing customers to bring their own phone to its service.

    This is a result of T-Mobile purchasing MetroPCS. The phones "brought" to MetroPCS will actually be using T-Mobile's network, not MetroPCS'.

    This is currently only available in a few cities, but it will most likely expand to others.

    It is available in: Boston, Dallas, Hartford, & Las Vegas

    You can see if your phone is compatible by selecting the make and model on MetroPCS' website.

    There are some Frequently Asked Questions, taken from MetroPCS' website, listed below:

    Frequently Asked Questions from: http://www.metropcs.com/metro/static...yod-hp-a1-spot

    What is the MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone Program?

    The MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone Program allows customers to activate their unlocked GSM compatible phones with MetroPCS, so that they can enjoy the phone they want with affordable, unlimited service.

    What is GSM?

    GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the world's most popular wireless phone technology. GSM offers excellent voice quality and easy-to-use data capabilities to deliver mobile service that's comparable to your experience when you're working on your home or office computer.

    Is my GSM phone compatible with MetroPCS’s nationwide 4G network?

    Certain cell phones from nearly every manufacturer (Apple, HTC, Samsung, etc.) will work on our network. To find out if your GSM phone is compatible with MetroPCS's network, visit metropcs.com/keepyourphone.

    Why would I want to bring my own phone to MetroPCS?

    There are three reasons:

    The MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone Program allows you to enjoy unlimited monthly service for less.
    The MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone Program is a great option for those who generally purchase a subsidized phone. They will get affordable, unlimited service without having to pay for a new phone.
    MetroPCS may not offer the specific phone that you want. Bring Your Own Phone provides a way for you to have the phone you want with the affordable service MetroPCS offers.

    If I bring my own phone can I port my number from my previous carrier?

    Yes, if you bring your own phone, you can port your number. However, in order to do this you must be free of any contractual obligations with your current carrier.

    What do you think about MetroPCS' Bring Your Own Phone service? Do you think you might switch to MetroPCS now that there are many more phones that can be used on its service?

    See More: MetroPCS' Bring Your Own Phone Service

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    Re: MetroPCS' Bring Your Own Phone Service

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    Re: MetroPCS' Bring Your Own Phone Service

    Hey, what is going on? I have the same problem

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