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    Hi - We currently have 4 basic phones...3 talk/text on my in-laws AT&T family plan (about $80/month), and 1 Verizon talk-only from my employer (free). We are searching for new service, and considering upgrading everyone to 4 smartphones. It looks like T-Mobile and Metro PCS are offering the best prices on a family plan with 4 smart phones at about $100/month for talk/text/data, but you need to buy the phones which seem to range from $50-$600 each depending on the phone. (If anyone has tips on plans, let me know!)

    My parents recently switched their family plan from Sprint to T-Mobile for lower monthly rates and newer phones (they got four Galaxy S4's). They now have four HTC EVO 4G Sprint phones that they are not using, but they said they cannot be used on the T-Mobile network. Can they be used with MetroPCS?

    I have done some internet searching but I am more confused than when I started! Some people have said the HTC EVO 4G cannot be used with Metro, some have said it can be flashed to work but with limited functionality, and others have said it is possible to do it with full functionality. Many of the threads that I found were over a year old. If this can be done, it seems we could save a lot of money getting into our first 4 smart phones.

    I asked at a MetroPCS store, but the sales guy did not know if the EVO would be compatible.

    I am technically inclined, so I can attempt the flash procedure myself if it is possible, but I really know nothing about this technology besides reading a few threads.

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    Re: Newbie needs tips on flashing HTC EVO 4G to MetroPCS, etc

    This can be done, but you need to root the phone, install a metropcs rom, and then, using some special software change a lot of things. Here's a how-to: Metro PCS Flashing solution: HTC EVO 4G MetroPCS

    If you don't know how to do any of that then I wouldn't recommend doing it. You're better off selling the phones and getting something that was originally made for metro.

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    Re: Newbie needs tips on flashing HTC EVO 4G to MetroPCS, etc

    Thanks for the link...I found it earlier in a Google search, but I didn't know if that was the correct procedure to follow. As we all know, there is lots of free advice on the web...some good, some not so good! Does that procedure end up in a "full flash", and all phone features will be operational on the Metro network? Is it difficult, or not too bad if I take my time and follow the steps?

    I was looking at smartphones on Craigslist and most of them are $150-400 depending on the model and how old it is, so I might be paying $600+ for 4 used phones. That is why I figured it was worth trying to use the free phones first.
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