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    Okay, so I'm trying to figure this out before I buy a phone and I'm being told many different things. So I have Metro, been with it for a long time. I'm trying do a BYOD and I want to get a Note 4. I've found some really nice ones on ebay but the question I'm having is what models will and will not work.

    If I buy a t-mobile one, does it need to be unlocked? I called Metro and dude said yes, but he didn't seem all that sure. I've had some people tell me yes and others tell me no, an unlocked one would be fine. Will the Verizon version work completely or will I be losing features and connection speeds ( its a bit cheaper and GSM unlocked straight out of the box) ? How about the ATT? I'd prefer to go with the T-Mobile one, but I'm having problems find a fair priced one that's unlocked..or rather the ones I'm seeing about 50 to 60 dollar more then the Verizon one.

    Any input would be loved.

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    Re: T-mobile Note 4 on Metro Pcs?

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