So I switched Carriers from Verizon to MetroPCS yesterday. The phone was originally purchased at a Verizon store - 2 years ago. It was UNLOCKED when I did the carrier switch. The guy at MetroPCS simply swapped the SIM card & did some "stuff" online to transfer my Number & other important "stuff" to make it operate. But now I have some strange things going on that I can't figure out.

First issue -- There was no TMobile Network Operator in the Mobile Networks. It still said Verizon. So I did an ADD, using a friends MetroPCS phone. It makes calls & has data access, but there are certain things that don't work. e.g., Check Software Update (tells me "Service Unavailable").

So, In Settings / Mobile Networks

- What is the correct setting for Network Mode ? I have it set to LTE/GSM/UMTS << Is that correct?

- What are the correct settings for Network Operators ?

- Any idea why I can't run a CHECK SOFTWARE UPDATE (for the Android Software) ??

I didn't realize that simply switching Carriers would be such a pain - I may have not attempted this.

Thanks in advance.

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