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    ok the wife got a new phone and a free line. she had the free line setup on my phone. i had tracfone. so why do they keep billing her for the free line? i got a message yesterday telling me i had to pay 15$ for the free line and today both her paid line and my free line are shut off. outside of the inconvenience, does anyone know why metro gives a free line and then starts billing that free line? she called them last week because they posted 15$ for the free line. she paid her 25$ for her line. so we should have a 25$ line that she uses and the free line i use. is this going to be a call metr every month to get the lines reconnected?

    she tried calling metro today but could not get a live person to talk to and the computer could not understand her so it hung up.


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    Re: our phones got turned off

    it is really difficult to find a real person now

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