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    Without a relationship, it can be quite difficult and I myself am now very clearly aware of this. This is a really sharp and unpleasant feeling. Tell me how I could start to communicate with someone and get acquainted in order to start a relationship and create a couple?

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    Re: it can be quite difficult

    I think you definitely need to start dealing with your personal life and take it very seriously. Apparently, you have a serious emotional need and you need to try a lot to satisfy it completely.

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    Re: it can be quite difficult

    I don't think you need to worry too much about the fact that you don't have a personal life right now. You just need to communicate more and meet new people online, just check top 10 australian dating sites. Then you will get a lot and you should definitely try a variety of things and you will see how it really works well. On these dating sites you will meet many interesting people and I advise you not to miss this opportunity, so take it and try.

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