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    - Safe Mode

    With the phone off, slide open the keyboard open
    Press and hold the Power+Menu button (on the keyboard)
    Continue to hold until the "Droid Eye" comes up and you feel the phone vibrate
    Phone should start up and say "Safe Mode" in the bottom left-hand corner

    Explanation - This starts only the core Android processes. This is best used for diagnosing if a 3rd party application is causing your phone to malfunction or if you cannot uninstall if when in regular mode.

    TRY THIS FIRST if you are having any problems with your phone acting up, especially with the built-in Android apps (example - Messaging app is crashing. Boot in Safe Mode. If app doesn't crash when doing what you were doing in regular mode, it's most likely going to be a 3rd party app with access to messaging that is causing a problem.)

    BE AWARE that after coming out of Safe Mode, 3rd party widgets might not display properly on the home screen. Press and hold on the widget and drag it down into the trash can, then readd it to the home screen. This will fix the "problem loading widget" error.

    See More: Safe Mode Motorola Droid
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