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    Recently screen when blank. Tried everything but since I have dropped it about 1,000 times over the last year and a half I figure it was due.

    The question I have is I received the replacement phone and I am concerned about just sending back my phone without some kind of clearing it out. The old phone has the lights on bottom of screen but the touch screen is all black. It beeps when I get emails so I know it is working just can't see it.

    How do I do a factory reset to clear off all my data when I can't see what I am doing? any suggestions?

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    Re: Factory reset Droid without screen

    Hrm - that's a hard one.

    Try this:
    • Turn the phone off (take the battery out and put it back in)
    • While pressing the power button hold down the x key (about 10 seconds)
    • Hold down the camera button and volume up button
    • Press down on the directional pad 2 times (selects "wipe data/factory reset") and press ok button.

    To test, call the phone. If it worked the phone won't ring since it's no longer programmed to the number.
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