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    Bought a Motorola RAZR XT910 this week and would like to know how to make video calls with he ... The person I'm calling also has a cell phone that can do video calls, but I don't know how to do the connection. Need to have an application like Skype, that is paid? Once I saw a friend making a video call and he simply selected the option in his cell and ready ...
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    Re: Video call

    I use both Skype and Google+ for video calls.
    You have to enable video in the program.

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    Re: Video call

    To video chat with Skype:
    You both have to have Skype installed, sign up and sign in:
    Video Chat - Free Online Video Calls - Video Calling - Skype
    Video chat is free: Use email address to invite add contacts.
    Skype phone numbers may charge for calls and sms.
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