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    i just bought a used pro. I turn it on, it boots to the droid home screen. I touch the droid and it goes to an activation screen.
    If I touch any other icon I get a vibrate but nothing happens except home goes back to the android.

    I can't get to a menu.

    If I touch menu at the home screen Wireless Setup button appears and I can go to that and connect to my wireless.

    However, it won't let me do anything else.

    Friends Droid X does everything but connect to the cell network - his isn't activated either.

    What am I missing?

    I just want to set this up and verify it does what I want before I activate it.


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    Re: droid pro startup

    Try batter pull, if possible.
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    Re: droid pro startup

    found it - Motorola thinks this should be a big secret - they won't give u the time of day.

    tap in a clockwise rotation on each corner of the Android screen starting with the upper rt corner until a new screen appears. From there u can navigate anywhere.
    It won't do that anymore after that. I think this works on any Android.
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    Re: droid pro startup

    Thanks for the update!

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    Re: droid pro startup

    Note most droid's have a motorola warranty so dont forget to try this before attempting to fix a issue yourself.

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