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    I have a Moto z Droid and it came with marshmallow os and then updated to nougat and everything was fine and was looking forward to Oreo - updated to Oreo just a few days ago ( June 2018) and the 'downloads' application isn't anywhere in the menu. It disappeared ..Set aside ALL work arounds, is this normal ? What happened to this very convenient application and why did they take it out of the app menu ? Is this just me or can anyone else verify this?

    All my Os had file manager so I know how to do a work around but I like the downloads application better. I googled this and it doesn't seem like much info is out there..

    See More: Oreo 8 took 'Downloads' application away !

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    Re: Ariel and 8 took "Downloads" application away !

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    The Tips Are Excellent. I think it's going to be very, very helpful to me.

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