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    i'm not impressed with the battery life in my RAZR - in order to make it last longer I turn my bluetooth off when I'm not using it.

    is there any way to make a shortcut to turn it on and off instead of going through settings, bluetooth, setup, etc..?


    See More: how to quickly turn bluetooth on/off on a RAZR
    Cingular service
    Black RAZR

    99TJ D30/44 3.73
    3" tera
    33" BFG AT
    Ramsey 8k

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    salem, wi

    yes, you can set a shortcut to the power setting.

    go to
    settings>connection>blue tooth link > setup

    move over the Power: On or Off, depending on what its currently set at...

    hold the middle button for about 4 -5 seconds. This is how you create shortcuts for ANY menu item. Very Convenient!

    assign a shortcut. I would keep all the shortcut keys double digit numbers..otherwise you have to wait longer if its just one digit when you are using it(hard to explain)

    after youve assigned a number to this shortcut...click done...

    To get to any shortcut

    from the home screen, hit the menu button. then punch in the shortcut number... simple as that

    Hope this helps

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