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    Ok, here it is, I bought a new phone from my friend it's a "Motorola Razr v3" and I already had a "Nokia like 6610" and I'm using T-Mobile service. I just took the sim card out of my old phone and put it in my new phone. I had to use tweezers to get it out and i might of scratched it a little and bent it a slight bit.(I bent it back so it is even now) Anyways, It took like ten minutes just to get it workining my razr phone because i would put it in and it would keep saying "insert Sim" constantly. Well, I finally got it working, and it worked for about two weeks. I also was using my usb chord for my mp3 player as a charger to charge my phone because it would recognize the hardware as a motorola modem, but everytime i would switch to my mp3 player and back, it would have to install the new hardware; and I dled the drivers needed from net. It was working fine as a charger until the other day. My battery had died, so I went to try and charge it with the usb chord on my computer, and It gave me an error saying that the USB is malfuntioning(i'm using my sisters motorola charger to charge it now). I don't know, but i might have had it charging one time when the power flickered on and off and made my computer restart. This might have something to do with that. Well, I decided to take my Sim card out and put it back in my old Nokia. I did that, and it was working fine for a couple days. Until one day, I wanted to try it in my Motorola again, I did and it wouldn't work at all, and then I tried putting it back into my old Nokia and it doesn't work in there now. I thought maybe it wasn't touching the circuit in the razr so i decided to take off the little metal piece in the back, it's a little piece I think just to hold the sim card in better, but really wasn't doing anything. I wanted to pull up the small metal balls with a tweezer so it would touch. Well, I did that and even held the sim card there and it didn't do anything the next times i tried. It keeps saying "Insert Sim" constantly. I'm stuck now, because it won't go into my old phone either, and i've been putting the sim card in the correct way too. I even tried it in my sisters RAZR, and it doesn't work in hers, and vice versa. I thought it was my Motorola razr v3 that was the problem, but now i'm pretty sure it's the sim card. Has anyone else had a problem like this, and what should i do to try and fix it, before i have to go to the T-Mobile store or Radio Shack? I figure I can get a new sim card or bring it there, and see if they know more about the phone or sim card and how to fix it. I would appreciate any help or feedback you can give me.

    Thanks, Joe

    PS: I didn't save any contacts on my computer, because i did use motorola phone tools, but i didn't get around to using the address book. I have a lot saved on my sim card and don't wan to have to lose it.

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