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    So I've got a couple of small mp3 on the phone and I know they qualify as ring tones since I can set either one as the default ring tone. When I edit a contact, there's no where to specify a ring tone and that's where the manual says it is, but it's not there.

    This phone was purchased in an AT&T store and the rep ported over my wife's stuff from her previous phone. Could that be the problem?

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    Re: Can't Set Contact Ringtone for V3xx

    I have noticed when att transfers your information from one to another some of the features do not work properly. I removed the information and put what I wanted in and all of the features then worked correctly.

    The thing I had the most problems with were contacts in the address book, It wouldn't allow contact pics or contact ringtones and other info. So I deleted and started new. Then it worked perfectly.

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    Re: Can't Set Contact Ringtone for V3xx

    I think that the features like pictures and ringtones only work for contacts stored in the phone, not on the SIM card. Maybe this had something to do with it?

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