Hello i've recently purchased a 2 year contract with Unicel and got a free Razr V3. the thing is.... it seems i can only use it on their network, no roaming etc. for example:

I live in Brattleboro Vermont, we have Unicel, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon access to cell phones. when i go to my friends house they have 1-2 bars at all times for U.S. Cellular. but i recieve 0 bars. Verizon also recieves 1-2 bars at their house. Ocasionally for a min or two i get 2 bars on Unicel and they drop out before i can even do anything.

At my house i get full bars etc. so it seems ok. but is there any way i can get my phone to use their network too? so i have more access to use my phone? thanks in advance


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