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    Hello All
    I need a loud ring tone for my V3XX Please

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    Cell Phone
    Motorola RAZR-V3xx

    Re: Looking for Loud ring Tones for v3xx

    Anybody looking for a real music ringtone, or a wallpaper for their phone I can get it for you. Just tell me what ringtone you want, or what part of a song you want as your ringtone, and I will create one for you. You must have text messaging and internet enabled on your phone for this to work. There is no charge for my ringtones, but I will accept donations if you'd care to donate. Send me a message if you'd like a ringtone. I have several I can send you in a text message already such as...

    Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
    B**** Alert
    Axel F - Beverly Hills Cop theme
    Baby Got Back - Sir Mix A Lot
    Back In Black - ACDC
    Bump and Grind - R Kelly
    Full Metal Jacket clip
    The Ducktales Themesong
    The Donald Duck Orgasm (my biggest hit in ringtones)
    Addicted - saving abel

    She's Like The Wind (original song by Patrick Swayze, but I remixed it in my studio and recorded myself singing it. don't worry, it doesn't suck. Some of my friends say it sounds very close to the original)

    Wild Thing - Tone Loc
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