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    i have verizon razr and it fell off the edge of my couch onto the floor{not a big drop} and i picked it up,it was working perfectly fine. then about 15 mins later,i picked it up again and it wouldn't turn on. so i tried charging it and it said the battery was fully charged so i unplugged it and it shutted off again.

    it only works if its plugged into the charger, and if i take it off the charger,it turns off. help! i tired switching batterys and that stilll didn't work....is it a short?

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    Re: help with my razr

    Could be that something in the circuit board and/or battery terminals on the phone came lose, check the battery terminals and make sure they are all in place.

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    Re: help with my razr - dropped it, now won't turn on

    I had basically the smae thing happen and mine would turn off when i took it off the charger as well
    what happened to mine was its batter came a little loose so it turned off all i had to do was hold the button on my phone that turns it on when you shut your phone off

    if that makes sence XD

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