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    I dropped my phone in water and it dried out but when i press the power button it just shows a blue screen that says reboot and shuts off again! What should i do????

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    Re: Dropped my phone in water!!

    If you have insurance on your phone... lose it

    if not... your out of luck.

    Maybe there's other alternatives people know about.

    I had a friend who did that, we were at a boat dock, he bent down and his phone came out of his pocket and into the water, all we heard was that little ... plop sound, and then OOOsh*t, and that was it.
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    Re: Dropped my phone in water!!

    Well if you had turned it off and acted the way you should (though I do not know whether or not you have) it might not be such a problem (the same thing happened to me with 2 of my nokias and both of them are still working).

    I think that warranty does not cover your problem, maybe if you have specific insurance you might try out your luck. Otherwise if you have a friend who knows a bit more about cell phones, ask him to check what exactly is wrong with your phone and just replace the damaged parts. Or sell the working ones. Or just ask someone to estimate the amount of money needed to repair your phone and then decide whether will you repair, sell or buy a new one.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Dropped my phone in water!!

    try not turning it on and laying it next to a heater, i did that and it worked as long as it was plugged in being charged, which was at that time better than no phone.

    also rubbing alochol worked on it, the battery silver prongs.

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    Re: Dropped my phone in water!!

    If you havent done anything crazy like trying to turn it back on while wet, you can always try the bag of rice trick. Stick your phone (battery disconected of course) into a bag of rice for a few days. The rice will suck the moisture outta the phone.

    Also as stated above, rubbing alchol works great since it truly dries out, but you really need to be careful and kinda know what your doing when it comes to small electronic device internals.

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    Re: Dropped my phone in water!!

    You should always let any electronic that gets wet dry out completely before you even think about turning it back on. One week is minimal if you don't take it apart and if you disassemble the entire thing (which is a must if it is submerged in water) and dry it with a heat gun or any other low powered heat device you might be able to restore it in 48 hours.

    What happened to your phone and is common when phones get wet is you turned it on while water was still inside it, that water doesn't go away unless you evaporate it. It may of been dry enough to power the device but the water could of fried any number of the components inside.

    Your Razr is probably as good as dead.

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    Re: Dropped my phone in water!!

    Quick get out the insurance and drop it off a cliff and say somebody jacked it,
    Get a new phone
    Its dead

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    Re: Dropped my phone in water!!

    I dropped my Razr V3m in a cup of water on accident and that was it..dead!! Even after it dried out everything would flicker and die...

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    Re: Dropped my phone in water!!

    You’re fishing at your favorite stream with your cell phone in your pocket and fall in. Or worse you hear an ominous thump coming from your dryer and discover to your horror that you left your cell phone in a pocket left unchecked. In fact accidents involving cell phones and water are more common than one would think. According to one source approximately 880,000 British have accidents involving cell phones and toilets every year. Most of us would assume that our mobile devices are damaged beyond repair but this is not necessarily the case. How do you save a wet cell phone?

    There are several ways to save a wet cell phone or GPS device. Some may seem unusual but do you really want to have to purchase another expensive phone and learn a new keyboard for fast text messaging? Here are several steps and methods you can use to try and save your wet cell phone.

    1. Obviously the first step is to remove the phone from whatever liquid it was immersed in. Next remove the battery as soon as possible. I can’t overstate how important this step is. The phone is an electronic device and electricity and water do not mix. Leaving the battery in will cause short circuits and damage the phone. If your phone has a SIM card remove that too. Wipe off any excess water with a towel paper or otherwise.

    The bad news; it is likely that your battery has been damaged. The good news; most batteries can be replaced for a reasonable price and are certainly cheaper than a new phone. Do not heat the battery under any circumstances; they can explode!

    2. Try putting the phone in the refrigerator. This may sound strange because most of us associate heat with the drying process. Actually the refrigerator cools things by drawing moisture out of things. Do not put the phone in the freezer as this can damage the LCD
    (Liquid crystal display) After 30 minutes or so, take it out for about 10 minutes, and repeat until the phone is dry.

    3. One of the simplest methods is to place the phone on top of a TV, or vent from a cable box or a device which emits a low heat. This can take up to 3 days but it’s better than having to shell out the bucks for a new phone.

    4. If your accident happens outdoors miles away from home the simplest way to dry a phone is to place the phone on the dashboard. The car should be parked in a place that gets plenty of sun. After about 2 hours check to see if the screen is fogged. If its still foggy put it back on the dash, if not try putting in the battery and boot up the phone.

    5. Another common method used to save a wet cell phone is to place the phone in a container of rice. Remember how Grandma put grains of rice in the salt shaker to keep the salt dry. Rice can absorb an incredible amount of moisture.

    6. Other methods along this line involve putting the phone in a sock or pantyhose and placing in a container with silica sand or the new crystal kind of cat litter. On the average these methods take about 3 days to be effective.

    7. Try using a compressed air can like the ones sold at computer stores. Hold the can STRAIGHT (holding the can sideways, upside down, or at an angle, will discharge a freezing liquid damaging your phone further) Shoot the air into speaker, mic, keypad, and hard to reach crevices.

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