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    After I listen to a voicemail i get a blank text with a triangle and @ in the subject line. Can this be fixed? I would appreciate any suggestions\


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    Re: Strange Text Message W/ Voicemails- can anyone help?

    You running an unlocked Razr? Who was the original carrier? And who are you using now?

    This usually happens when you are using an unlocked phone on a different network. Those odd text messages you are getting are actually the cell network's communication with your phone, telling it and you that you have Voice Mail, or that the VM was cleared.

    Probably because the phone you have now was setup for a different network, those notifications being sent to your phone are being sent as text messages, because your phone doesn't have a clue what they are.

    I know there is a "SEEM" edit that can be done that should fix the problem, I just have to pull up my old Motorola editing programs (all like 40 of them) to find out what one will work.
    I'll post the download link and instructions once I find it.

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